Well it happened. Best laid plans. Foiled. It’s been a whirlwind, surprise weekend for my birthday. Surprises started Thursday & just kept coming and it happened! I forgot to write last week’s blog post and now it’s Sunday. Oops. 

That’s okay, because writing did happen all week in a different form – book form. 

On my way to Disneyland, but I’ll be back to a blog post soon.

Woohoo, Mickey!

Author: Jaime Parker Stickle

Jaime Parker Stickle is the neurotic, anxious, and downright panicky author of the novel, The Habitation Game and the slice-of-life blog and podcast, Leave It To Beebers. Since her foray into the working world at age nine, Jaime has spent years observing, eavesdropping on, and gossiping about enough people to know first hand that real life is truly stranger than fiction. Jaime has spent most of her career in Hollywood, California as an actress, writer, and comedienne. On the corner of a quiet, joyful street, Jaime lives with her husband, two rescue dogs, and two-year-old maverick of a son- Jack Danger.

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